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Running Rough

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Hey guys, its been a while since i posted last. The comanche has been running great until recently. I went to Hollister Hills and ended up messing up the slave cylinder in my AX-15 tranny. A friend and I dropped the tranny, put a new slave back in, and bolted everything back up. Once this was all said and done I went to bleed the clutch. The bolt wouldn't budge and i was fed up with working on the jeep at that time so i had it taken to a shop and power bled. The mechanic wouldn't bleed anything without checking the master first so he went ahead and did that. Long story short after he bled the clutch it only runs on a couple cylinders. I've checked the CPS, distributor, cap, rotor, plug wires, I've looked at all the connections and i can't seem to figure it out. I swapped a new CPS on and it seemed to run a little better but not by much. Where should i go from here?

I have a 4.0L I6 with the AX-15 tranny.

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