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need a driver side window (preferably in FL)


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I'm looking for a driver side window as mine is shattered. i havent even looked in junkyards or asked about prices...actually i havent even looked at the pass. side to see if i need any regulator parts or anything. theyre crank windows, i can tell you that. basically i towed it home, but had to get the dolly back to uhaul and it was going to rain all weekend so i took off the door panel to see what was wrong (because i knew it didnt crank) and found that there was no window, just a bunch of shattered glass. since then i just put a trash bag over the top part of the door and it works wonders (for now)

..but if anyones got a spare, i live in the space coast area of FL. let me know what youre asking as far as a price. i would prefer not to ship for obvious reasons

tomorrows my day off so ill post again once i find out if i need any regulator parts....i don't know how these crank windows are set up. i just remember seeing some kind of sprocket type thing sitting at the bottom of the door that was attatched to some shattered glass so idk

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