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What Grade of Fuel are you running and what Other Performance Upgrades are you running?

I ask Because I had a Rugged Ridge Header crack on me and After some diagnosis I found out my Manifold was Getting Too hot with 87 Octane fuel...


A little info on my Truck...

- Header

- High Flow Intake (99+ intake)

- Cold Air intake

- Complete 2.5" Exhaust system with High flow Cat

- 60MM TB

- Larger injectors

- Dual Electric Fans in place of the Mechanical/electrical

- Jet Performance Chip (91 Octane MIN)

Aprox 260HP @ crank,


Now when I run 87 Octane fuel my Header gets red hot if I rev to 2000RPM therefore the manifold is susceptible to cracking as it becomes more vulnerable… I experimented a little and with some 89 octane but always with 91 Octane I no longer have a Red hot manifold @ 2000RPM... The thing is when your at Wide open throttle the 4.0L engines tend to run lean which will make the exhaust Manifolds/headers get cherry red so if you have cracked a few Try upgrading your Octane and see how long the next one lasts I would bet that it will last a lot longer if not indefinitely…

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