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build date tag

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I would say to get it hot with a heat gun and slowly pull an edge up... Hoping that you can soften up the adhesive. Then keep it going, but your dealing with a 20 year old sticker that has been out in the elements for just as long. Its going to be tough.


I would suggest a solvent of somekind, but any solvent that would soften up the adhesive would probably eat at the sticker itself too.


Rob L. :dunno:

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I think they are reproducing these decals for AMC cars,


I never compared the two, but I'm sure they are different,


Tho if someone can reproduce the AMC type, I don't see why some enterprising sticker guy couldn't scan, and reproduce ours. :D


Of course either the decal maker, or the buyer would have to have a way to add the VIN and Date info.


(I believe on the AMC versions they ask for a pic of your door tag, and the decal maker adds it in).



Take a high resolution photo of the sticker with a digital camera and have someone make you a new one. I think OfficeMax or Staples can do it.



Guess I should've looked up couple posts first. :thumbsup:

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