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Front and rear custom comanche bumpers Wa state


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Just got my comanche. These bumpers were on it when purchased.


Front is a custom alum. job with tow points and small stinger intergrated. passenger side is bent slightly back compared to drivers side. was rewelded at some point next to stinger. Guessing it cracked when they bent it. Looks good.


Rear is also a custom job with step, and light for license intergrated along with tow points and mount for trailer wiring. Has alum, diamond plate mounted to top of bumper. Nice bumper.


I like forums for helping with my build so....these are on craigs for $200 front and $150 rear.


Take them of my hands if your a forum member for $200 for both.


Cheers, Jason (360)789-five7nine4

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Have you sold these bumpers? What woud be the shipping for rear bumper to Corpus Christi, TX. If you do not want to sell separate I will buy both, it would depend on shipping charge.

Thank's Paul


98513 is my zip. If you figure out a close shipping depot and info I will happily drop it off at a depot.


I will seperate $110 for front or rear.

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If he buys just the rear I'll take the front... Shipping to ny isn't exactly cheap but for that price of a pretty killer bumper :wrench:


Edit: fedex was 187 for shipping if the package was 45lbs which I'm assuming it's around that weight correct? :ack:

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