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Heater Valve Vacuum Hookup Q?

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A little tech help please,

I just replaced all my heater hoses and the heater valve which I broke when I was taking off one of the hoses to it. The heater valve has a vacuum assist operator on it. I had it apart for several weeks and now I can't the find small vacuum hose that connects to it. I may have taken it off but I don't have any extra parts so I think it is dangling there somewhere but can't find it. Can someone tell me where it originates from? A 91 - 4 liter; this is the black heater valve with the 4 heater hoses connected to it between the heater core and the engine.

Thanks a bunch and back to Chilton's to see if I can find a diagram.



NEVER MIND, I found it, it comes out of the firewall above the A/C penetrations and is grey so it looked like a wire.


All those little OEM heater hoses sections are pricey!

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