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fender liner review.

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After watching my truck drop plastic pieces from the fender liner, like needles falling off Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, I decided to replace my fender liners. I ordered from Rock Auto for about 75 bucks shipped. They called me the same day to say their would be a wait for those pieces but they had the part from another vendor parts ch1248106 and 1249106 for $37.94 shipped. I looked at the part in their catalog and it didnt look right but they insisted it was right so I ordered.


The reason the parts look different in the book is because this part is very flexible and the pics show the thing unrolled. I kept them because I thought a softer part might not turn into hard plastic rain later on. I got them both on in about 1 hr time. You have to wrestle with them to get the holes to line up, but since they are pretty soft, after tugging and pulling they do go together. Once on they fit pretty nice. Because the holes are quite large, I did not take off the fender nuts that held the old part on. I slipped them over the old bollt/nuts. I am not sure this is right because their were no instructions. I think I will put rubber washers and nuts over the bolts to help seal out the water. I might also use some sort of black tape to waterproof the seam between the rubber outer fender and the fender liner.


All in all, I think I am happy with it. The price was right. Once in they fit nice and tight. And I think they will outlast the harder factory type liners.

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Yeah, I put those liners in about 3-4 years ago; still look new. The best way to anchor them in is to use the 1/4" push pins with a neoprene fender washer on the head. Keeps 'em nice and secure. :cheers:


Where can I get 1/4" push pins? Are these the stock hold downs for the stock fender liner??





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And they are called "1/4 inch push pins"?


We will check Lowes and a good industrial hardware store near by.


Thank you gentlemen. I have broken quite a few trying to get them of at the salvage yards.


Yes, they push into a 1/4" hole. Push pins, plastic rivets, etc. Get one's with the widest head you can find for the fender liners.



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