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A few questions

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I need to know a couple things. There's a 4-pin connector that comes out of the wiring harness directly behind the cylinder head cover, connector C111 on the diagram of the 1989 4.0L, and I need to know where the get a new connector (it melted against the engine) and I do not know where the heck it connects to. I'm positive one wire is for the up shift indicator (it's pink with a black strip) and I have the BA 10/5 transmission. I also need to know where to get a gear synchronizer for it, I was told mine is toast. Thank you.

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I wouldn't bother even trying to fix a peugeot. they are notoriously hard to work on, expensive, hard to get parts for, and have an annoying tendency to eat themselves alive soon after full rebuilds.


AX-15s ftw. :thumbsup:



do make sure your gear oil is up to level. my old peugeot had a small leak and would get finicky when the oil level dropped below a certain point.

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I have a 1989 4.0L standard Comanche.


Yes sir we know. In the previous post Pete was explaining the type of transmission you have (based upon the plug you described and the transmission you named) and why you might not want to repair the plug (because you might not want to keep that transmission)..


The plug in question can be obtained from any 1989 wiring harness on an XJ or MJ at a junk yard.

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Can you tell me where in the Wide World of Sports does it connect to?


Post a picture of the plug. I believe it would connect to the harness coming from the transmission, but need to see it to be sure.


I can't tell you if your transmission is junk - only the fact that particular model had a less then stellar record.

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