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built ton axles - upstate SC


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GM 60 drw front complete with brakes hub to hub. New 4.88 gears - Trac-loc case with Powertrax No-Slip.


Dodge D60 rear with new 4.88s - Detroit - bored spindles w/1.5" 35 spline shafts. Drum brakes with new parts. The rear would need the perches moved to bolt in. Will include new spacers to add wms.


$2500 for the set.


Just for grins I added up what I have in the set.


Front axle purchase price $650 + gears $300(Yukon) -locker $460- new case $139 - install kit $125 and installation $200 = $1874

Rear axle purchase price $150 + gears $260 (Dana Spicer) - locker $585 - axle shafts $300 - machine work $150 - install kit and labor $325 = $1770

Work done by Chris Durham Motorsports


http://www.reiderracing.com/product_inf ... 45&product s_id=2037





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For not much cash you can buy a clocking ring to put a pass. drop d300 on the aw4 or this would be a great time to get a doubler, like northwest fab or box4rox, to turn your 231 into a range box doubled into a d300 or np205 to get pass drop.


The cast iron gear-to-gear t-cases are so much stronger than the aluminium cased chain-driven t-cases. They are just heavy and deemed too noisy for the "refined" modern 4by's. :roll:

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