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loss of power

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sup yall, just drove to Atlanta and back today, it was scary as hell. ever since i started it this morning it doesnt seem to get going when i push the gas pedal hard(accelerating) but it does catch up real slow, takes about 2 mins to get up to 60 lol. i pulled over, pressed on the clutch and reved up the engine to its max and doesnt seem to have problems getting the high idle. however when I'm on I75 going up very slight hills (I HATE hills!) it bogs down alot and speed drops to like 45-50. the gas pedals floored in and I'm in 4th and 5th, and it still aint going. once i get over the hill i can speed up again to like 60-65. but it still bogs when i floor the gas.


when i just entered atlanta it was getting worse and i started to smell something burning.. i pulled over for gas as well, popped the hood and saw oil all over the head. the 2 lines going into the top of the head were loose. oil was leaking all over the concrete, but my oil dipstick doesnt show serious loss of oil. and i knew that wasnt good. so i got the tape and held them down real good. arrived at my friends and helped her out. when we were done my jeep had been sitting for a good hour. i started back up and it seems to be fine til i got back on the interstate heading out of atlanta, then it started doing the bogging thing all over again. when i pulled over for gas i tapped the gas tank real good and filled her up. got back on the highway and seems to get some improvement, going 55-60 up small hills.


I'm at loss, tomorrow I'm taking out the tank and cleaning it first thing. then put the gas in my other jeep for daily driving. what does it sound like to you? lines are okay and in right places. filter, fuel pump, fuel pump filter, all are brand new and I had a friend from the jeep club help me install them.

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i'd start with a serious tune up. after that, check into the fuel pump and have the fuel pressure tested. it could be a bad fuel pump even if it's new in the box. it could be working but not puting out the pressure needed for highway driving.

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yeah tune up is still on the list, but the fuel system is also one of the problems, here's a pic from my build thread

will check pressure when i install the fuel system again


looky what i found, on my brand new fuel pump filter.... the fuel system really needs to be cleaned out. i mean everything from the tank to the engine.


which is why I'm gonna clean the tank and the fuel systems lol

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