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Is there any demand for a fuel tank replacement kit??

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Well guys...


I have one MJ with a coated gas tank POR15 KIT, and one MJ with a new cheap replacement steel tank that works on many small PU's.


I don't like the cheap tank. It is not mounted properly for me (previous owner replaced it)


I like the square stainless tank in the photos of the guy who painted his frame rails.


I also like his mounting kit with the steel cross bars.


I was wondering, is there any demand for a kit like this?? Stainless high capacity tank, with extra thick bottom so no skid is needed, that uses factory sending unit etc, with a new strap kit or an ez bed removal mountain kit.


How much would you guys be willing to pay for this??

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I don't think there's enough demand to gear up for it. First, the tank for the SWB is different from the tank in the LWB, so to cover what is already a very limited market you'd have to tool up two separate models. Secondly, original configuration replacement tanks are readily available for a bit over $100. The gas tank in an MJ (especially a SWB, I haven't wheeled a LWB) doesn't seem to be particularly vulnerable. I've hit the skid plate on my XJ numerous times, but I've never touched the one on the MJ.


Speaking only for myself, it wouldn't be worth more than maybe $150 to me. That's already a 50% premium over a stock replacement -- there's no way I could justify paying any more than that.

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If you decide to buid it, keep in mind that most factory sending units are next to impossible to find parts for (fuel pumps that fit orginal factory tank brackets EXACTLY, fuel gauge sending units, etc) and this stuff usually needs replacement at the time a tank change is required anyway. Complete tank with a current fuel pump design, gauge float, etc. would offer something of value. Direct mechanical bolt up, fuel line, and electrical hook-up would be the way to go. Still, for a truck that was produced for a short time, there are some diffrences from year to year, Rennix or Chrysler.


Red Dog

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There is hardly any demand for a "tank kit". As for how much ppl would pay.... It cost me roughly 350 to change over to a fuel cell with a inline pump and filter.... so by the time you figure in tooling cost and production.. you would have a hard time beating what some one could piece together from a speed catalog. BTW I used quality parts... I am sure it could have been done substantially cheaper if I would have shopped around more

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