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Transmission only requires pulling drain plug then the pan. Replace the filter you see in there and refill according to your AW4 specifications. If you have a chiltons/haynes I believe they do a good job of it. If not I'm sure you can find the instructions on the net or pickup the book at your local auto parts store.

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It's always a good idea to get down and crawl around under your Jeep. The drain hole for the tranny is...at the bottom of the tranny. If you just want to drain and fill without changing the filter, just pull the plug, only about 3.5 qts. will come out. Put the same amount back in. DEX III or better, no ATF+4.


The TC takes the same fluid. On the back of the TC there are 2 brass plugs (30mm socket).


Remove the top plug first (so you know you can re-fill it), then remove the bottom plug and drain it. Replace the bottom plug and fill the top plug til tranny fluid starts coming out the hole. It's also good to have a pump to re-fill (about $6.99 at NAPA, AutoZone etc.).


...and while you are under there crawl around and identify where the rest of the stuff is.

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Oh I forgot. I have a 5 speed and the np231 also if that changes anything.

Yeah, that changes things.

1. There is no filter

2. The drain plug is in the BACK of the tranny...at the bottom. The fill plug is on the passenger side about half way back, and it needs the 5/16" square drive, or modified tool.

3. Depending on which tranny (BA 10 or AX). The AX uses brass tolerant fluid, the BA-10 doesn't matter.

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