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Coolant part question

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I just got back from deployment, and since I've been gone my wife found a job. So our 1 vehicle wasn't going to work since we're on wacky time schedules. I found a 1988 comanche pioneer on CL for $1,400 (talked down to $1,250) The body besides in dire need of a paint job is almost perfect. Hardly any rust, not even inside the bed even though it had a comanche bed cover in it. 157k miles, and gets me to and from so far.


I'm thinking about restoring it, or at least making it look a lot better. First I want to fix the engine up though, such as making it start faster than 5+ seconds and various leaks.


What I'm working on right now is the coolant reservoir system. It came from the previous owner with a jerry rigged pvc pipe splitter for the hoses. I went to the junkyard and snagged what I think is the right part from a decent looking 92 cherokee that someone ran into from the rear so the engine was fine. I'm just not sure if it's the right one. I bought a haynes repair manual and I still can't figure it out. here are pictures of the pvc pipe setup.





And here is the part I picked up from the JY.



Also if it is the part, and the guy messed the setup beyond being able to figured it out myself. Would any of you have a diagram showing what tubes go where or pictures of your rig? Sorry for the blurry pics, I developed the shakes in Afghanistan after some close calls and they won't go away lol.

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Thank you for your service and keeping us safe :USAflag:


I wish I could help you off the top of my head but I cannot. I have a 91 and when I get a chance I will look at the hoses and post back. I also have a Haynes manual that may describe how the later part you have installs.


Come on guys, somebody has to be able to help out off the top of their head what direction the heater hoses go.


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You can keep the system you've got if there's nothing wrong with it. I haven't seen one that looks like that new part. It's the heater control valve and it keeps the coolant from circulating through the heater core all the time. you don't REALLY need it. Most people aound here decide to convert to an open system from a newer model MJ or XJ and ditch the pressure bottle.

:Canadaflag: :thumbsup:

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All the photo's mkbruin just posted are of the 91+ model that uses the open-loop system. The Renix era (closed-loop) has a different valve and different setup. The photo's of the Jeep w/Blue BRX hoses are my XJ and I've converted it to an open loop setup.


The best photo I have shows the old (left) vs. the new (right) of how the setup goes from the water pump to the heater core.



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The photo's of the Jeep w/Blue BRX hoses are my XJ and I've converted it to an open loop setup.



Thats a SICK setup. I stole those photo's from posts over on JF... it is almost impossible to find pics of heater hose routing on RENIX 4.0's.

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