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97+ front-end ?s

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Hey guys, I know the 97+ fenders should be installed when doing the header panel but they don't have to be. i've got the header panel but havent found fenders yet, so on to the question...


will the 97+header panel bolt onto the 96- fenders without (major) modification?


if it's a big hassle i'll just wait til i find fenders... but i'm kinda antsy to see it. :D

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they bolt together different. I have the 97+ header and 97- fenders. the 97+ fenders have a stud at the bottom that goes through the header panel and bolts the bottom of the header panel to the fenders. I zip tied my header panel to something to keep the bottom in place while I take my sweet time putting on the 97+ fenders I have. and the very slight difference on the corners.

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