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headlights turning off while driving

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So i drive my 89 to work everyday 4.0, 5speed, 4x4. Has a H.O. swap done by the PO. And 2 times in a row about the time i get to work my headlights start tuning off then on then off then on. Not for sure what the problem is, i kinda looked at the fuses to make sure none were loose, but couldn't find a headlight fuse. Do they have relays? And could they be getting warm by the time i drive 30min to work? Or should i start checking connections under the hood?

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Had simular event , replaced H/L switch , happened again so started wiggling any connector I could find in the circuit . Finally found a loose wire at the steering column plug in for Hi/Lo switch operated by the turn signal stalk . :dunno: Worth a try before throwing cash at it :yes:

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Its more fun like that. I just held back the brights when the circuit breaker would trip. Then, eventually, I had a headlight blow, and with just one it wasn't enough to trip the breaker... So I just drove around with one headlight until I sold it.


Rob L. :cheers:

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