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I hate chasing coolant leaks.

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there's really no problem with the factory pump, worked for 20 years now ;) but if you really want to upgrade,




costs a weensy bit more than 30$ but that combination will for sure get you better water flow and flowkooler claims 6hp gain from the better vane design on their pump :dunno:

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So... swapped out the radiator last week. Still leaked. Hoses were all good.


So, looked closer and appeared to be a water pump gasket. Pump appeared to be ok, but figured since I was pulling it anyways I might as well swap it out for $30.


Upon removal, determined that one of the lines from the pump was brittle and cracked, so that might be causing the leak...

Stole the photo (not mine), but this is the part that was leaking (the tube):


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