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Need Fender Flares 4x4 Comanche

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I need some Black Fender Flares for my 86 Comanche 4x4 I know the sports ones don't fit just bought some off line and no have to send them back. any one know where i can get a set or a good buy off line ????? Please Help I've looked and looked but maybe you know some better sites or something. Thanks

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Why don't they fit? Unless its an 86 only thing that I don't know about,I thought they interchange through all the years



I think so too. The ones that don't fit are probally from a cherokee, since he said they were from a sport


No cherokee rear flares will fit. Put a post in the WTB section, someone on here will have a set.

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I have a set of black flares on my 87 I am picking up in the morning. (Bought it tonight). Take a look in The Pub section tomorrow night for pics of my MJ. I am taking them off because I hate the look of them the way the tires sick in so far with stock rims. I also have a mint black pair of rear MJ flares off my 89 up in my attic, front ones got tossed.

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