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Transfer Case addition

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I need some help. I just bought a np231 out of a '98 xj. i am converting my 4.0L 5 speed '88 Comanche to 4x4 and want to know what all i need to make this t case work with my tranny or whats the easiest cheapest way to get it in my truck. also it did not come with the linkages or anything else just t case so if anyone has pics of what all i will need to find or make please help me.


Jamie :help: :dunno:

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regardless of which transmission, if your truck is currently 2wd then neither one will work anyways, you can't feasibly convert a 2wd transmission to 4wd, you need the 4wd manual transmission


it says it's a 4x4, and you're wrong. it's very feasible to convert a 2x4 trans to 4x4...you just need the proper parts from a bad transmission.

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is a wrengler ax15 the same as a cherokee one or are they different sizes and adapters and all?

The tranny's the same except it has a different mounting for the tc. It rotates it up more towards the body so you may have to do some "clearancing" to get it in if you go that route.

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