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pre '91 post '91 aw4 questions

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Is the aw4 the same with the exception of the electric speedo and spline count from '91 on up compared to pre '91?


Is the aw4's TCU and harness completely stand alone? If not exactly how (with pictures please) do these integrate with the engine harness/body harness.


The reason I am asking is I am having trouble finding a '87-'90 donor for my project.


I hope this thread clears up some of my constant confusion.

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They also changed 4wd output shaft size (21sp for early/23 spline for late), and overdrive ratio in 1991.

(officially all 91's got the 23sp shaft, and new OD ratio, but it may, or may not have actually happened right at the beginning of the 1991 M.Y.).


I believe the trans computer was separate from the ECU till the OBDII version in 1996, but I'm not sure, so I'll let someone else chime in on that. :smart:

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