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Control arm mounts rusted away

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So I went to clean up my spare D30 the other day and found that both LCA mounts were rusted away! I didn't have my camera with me so no pics yet. They are too far gone to be fixed, and my 2wd axle tube LCA mounts are different, so no cutting and welding there. Is there any place I can buy new mounts and weld them on?

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$75 is dirt cheap. Around here at least. And the axle isn't that hard to pull. Four control arm bolts, take the calipers off, 4 driveshaft bolts, shocks... I can have one out in 45 minutes. Another thing to think about is that if the one set rusted off, how far away is the other?


Rob L.

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Yep you can get ANY axle you can find for $75, but the employees there are all jerks and its hard to get them to lift the truck for you so you can even work under it. Also both mounts on the axle are bad so I would need 2.


Don't forget the PITA trackbar that is soo rusted you can't easily get if off at the JY.

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