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Cleaning out the canopy


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I have TONS of Cherokee/Comanche items kicking around and could use the space. I have some of the items listed below but I know I'm missing a bunch still. I can take close up/multiple pictures of any part if wanted. Will also work with the prices a little if multiple items are bought.


I know I have a lot more than what is listed there but that's the big stuff in the way currently. If you need anything else, reply here or send me a PM.



-Gray door panels (include arm rests and inside handles/bezels)...$25 each or $75 for a pair (have 2 sets)

-Gray Cherokee rear seats...$50 per set (2 sets)

-Gray Cherokee rear seats (need to be cleaned and the brackets bent back, was from my totaled XJ)...Free if you pick up

-'93 2dr Cherokee gray interior...offer

-White '84-'95 Cherokee Hatch...$60 (rear wiper setup included, needs window glued back in, includes all wires)

-Black '84-'95 Cherokee hatch...$60 (faded on top, non-rear wiper hatch)



-OEM Rear Cherokee floor pan (under the rear seat to the hatch)...$100

-Black '84-'96 Cherokee 4dr doors, great doors for half doors...$100 (bought with the intents for half doors for my XJ)

-White '84-'96 4dr rear doors...$50 (has TJ flare halfs bolted to them)

-Cherokee rear quarter windows...$60 each (set for 2dr and 4dr, windows have no chips or cracks)

-'84-'96 4dr front door wipes...$160

-'84-'96 smokers window weatherstripping...$110



-Dana 35 rear out of an '86 MJ, 3.55(?) gears...offer

-Misc Dana 30 items (calipers, rotors, brakes, covers, gears, no axle shafts)...offer

-2.8L V6 with lots of new parts...$90 (think a roller is bad as it makes noises when it ran, has new plugs, wires, dist rotor, pcv, oiil filter, fuel filter, top of carb was rebuild, two new push rods and new valve cover gaskets, will include the rest of the carb rebuild kit with it)

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That`s what I needed to see and I I think could use it I will have to do some more looking at my XJ floors friday and make sure there as bad as what I think. Also your 5 hours away would you be willing to ship this? don't go out of your way checking untill I let you know for sure if I want it. You happen to have front pans laying around?

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I had the front full pan but ended up piecing it into my Comanche. I had the front floor pan shipped to me and between the companies, it ran between $120-$170 to give you an idea. It was shipped through UPS Freight.

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I can take pictures tomorrow when I get some light out there. I don't have the carpet, dash, headliner, or door panels, and this Cherokee had the center console delete (do have that). I do have a new headliner fabric though. I'm not exactly sure if I have the hatch piece or not, I will need to check tomorrow. I'll take pics of all the parts I took off that I still have.

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