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6.5" front door speakers

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Picked up a set of 6.5" speakers to drop in the front door


http://www.monoprice.com/products/produ ... escription




I am assuming these can be mounted behind the door pannel in the factory location with drilling new mounting holes. Am I wrong in that assumption? I still have the wing windows, so it should not interfere with the window.

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These sound good and offer good bass, but the tweeter sticks out a little far.


I popped the door pannel off, had to take a BFH to the mounting flange to clearance the hole a little, and drilled new screw holes for mounting.


Overall a 30 minute job.


These speakers are EASILY worth $15 (honetly, they are a steal at double that price), so if you are still sitting on old, tired, factory speakers... go for it.

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