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long arm help

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I have some questions concering long arm lifts. I am starting to look for a littler more lift and I would love to upgrade to a 3 link long arm setup for the best flex. I am leaning twoards Rock Krawler's 6.5 X factor long arm kit. I talked with a rep on the phone and he told me that they recomend the long arm upgrade kit because a lot of the cherokee parts in the complete kit will not fit on a comanche. The upgrade comes with 2 lower control arms, 1 upper control arm, long arm mounts, and front differential sperical joint. Now if I go this route what about all the other stuff that is included in the complete kit but not the upgrade kit, such as drop pitman arms, track bar and relocation bracket, sway bar discos, etc? I currently have a 4 inch lift on my truck can I use the parts from that or would I need to buy all new parts to complete the long arm kit?


Second question is about a SOA for the rear. If I run a 6.5 long arm kit in the front how much lift would a SOA in the rear give me? Would it be even with the front? What exactly is needed for an SOA?


I searched all this stuff but there is not a lot of info on comancheclub about long arms. NAXJA has a lot of long arm topics but nothing really comanche specific. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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The RK 6.5" X-Factor (RKXJ65XF+LA) kit includes;


* 2 long travel linear coil springs

* 2 high misalignment/adjustable lower long arms made from 2.0" solid alloy steel

* Long arm brackets made from 3/16" thick/laser cut steel

* 1 adjustable front upper torque arm made from solid alloy steel

* High misalignment/adjustable front track bar made from solid alloy steel

* One front track bar relocation bracket made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel

* 1 drop pitman arm

* Full length add a leafs

* Boomerang shackles (will work to get you a bit of extra lift in needed)

* Billet aluminum lift blocks

* Extended stainless steel brake lines

* Front adjustable sway bar disconnects

* Rear u-bolts

* Hardware

* Detailed instructions


The parts in red will not work with your MJ. You will need to most likely SOA the rear to get it to match the front lift. You will get anywhere from 5-7" of lift going SOA in the rear. It will greatly depend on what leaf packs your MJ already has (2wd/4wd), the condition of the packs, and what perches you use.


Our recommendation is typically to SOA the rear when trying to match a 6.5" front coil. You can than "fine-tune" it in the rear with an extended length shackle (often heavier duty anyways) or if the rear is higher than the front, throw in a .75" coil spacer.



We include the RK longarm kits in several of our kits and have installed a lot of these upgrades on the MJ. If you have any specific questions about the RK longarm kit on the MJ's we're happy to try to help.

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SOA will match the front, moe or less (within an inch). Any difference can be controlled by height of the spring perch, larger diameter axles (upgrade to d44, 8.8, 60's, 14b, etc) or shackle.


My personal preference is for either a T&T Customs Y-Link or RE. I have never been a fan of running a 3 link on the street. If its a trail-only rig, go for it. But again... just my opinion. T&T Customs makes some of the most BEEFY parts you can buy for very reasonable prices.



DO NOT DROP-PITMAN, unless you are also dropping the track-bar. drag link and track bar should be at the same angle or you will have BAD issues.


All you should need is the trans-crossmember with mounts and the y-arms. I would beef up the steering with better parts, your adj trackbar should work still, check your brake lines, maybe look into limiting straps.

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I knew that the rear portion of the kit would not work on my MJ. That is why I originally called RK was to see if they would just sell the front portion of the kit. But the guy told me they just like to sell the upgrade kits to MJ owners and then I got all confused because I didnt know what else I would need to buy to complete the front or if the parts from my current lift would complete it?

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so I'm doing as much research as I can. I really want a 3 link setupd because the comanche is not driven on road a lot and I'm looking for the most flex possible. I'm starting to think that not much more is needed than what comes in the upgrade kit. Looking at Motion Offroads MJ lift it is pretty much a RK upgrade kit with some of there own stuff thrown in.



So, correct me if I'm wrong...if I pick up the RK upgrade kit, buy a set of coils, and buy some extended brake lines I should be good. I'm already running a RK adjustable HD tracbar and bracket, which will work with long arms. I'm running JKS quick discos which will work with long arms. and then for the rear I would buy a true weld in SOA.


Am I getting this right? RK ugrade kit, brake lines, coils, true weld in SOA and I should be good?

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