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BA10 to AX5/AX15 question?

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Since I just bought this project MJ knowing the tranny is going south, I don't want to put money into a BA10. I will put a reman ax5 or ax15 in it's place but I don't know the pros & cons of either one. Is the ax15 better and are there issues with fitting it into place when the BA10 comes out. This truck is going to be a very good quality restoration project so I don't mind reasonable differences in cost.

1988 MJ

4.0 2wd 5spd


Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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the only bolt in substitute is an ax15. there's not even a bellhousing to make the ax5 work with a 4.0.


if you swap in an ax15 from an '89 to '92, it is a bolt-in setup, requiring only that you swap to an ax15 crossmember...you will need a 23 spline transfercase to go to ax15.

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