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No Cold Weather Start - 1989 - 6 cyl EFI

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Florida Temp at 45 deg or below, eng spins strong but will not start until temp is up to 50 deg or higher. After sitting overnite, initial attempt will produce about 1 sec of running then dies out and will not start again until it's warm out. Just got it out of the shop yesterday.

New Fuel Pump, new Ballast Resistor, new Idle Air Sensor, TPS checked and cleaned, all fuel lines checked, new fuel pump then removed and shop checked for pressure (OK).


Drove it yesterday, multiple starts and stops all day with ambient air temp around 70 deg. PERFECT. Let it set last nite and this morning with temp at 39 deg, no start (except the 1 sec run). Will let it set until later this morning when it warms up to 50 deg and yep, it will start I betcha!


Any ideas? MAP Sensor? TPS voltage?, ?????


I am ready to put a 4 sale sign on it. Too bad since it is a good straight truck, new paint, 5 spd, good glass, fiberglass topper, but I don't need a gray yard ornament! :help:

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40 degrees is by no means a cold start. Our friends north of the 49th have to deal with -20 degrees.


Did it do this before the new fuel system components? When it refuses to start check to see if you are getting spark then check if it is getting enough fuel pressure at the rail. What happens if you press the throttle a little while trying to start it?

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Sounds like it could be an intermitent CPS problem. Next time it happens unplug the CPS connector and plug it back in, then see if it starts. The only thing that makes me think it may be something else is that you said it actually starts for a second.


My truck did this today, would crank but not turn over. I unplugged the CPS connector then plugged it back in and it started right up.

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Ok, it ended up being a missing PCV valve by the previous owner combined with a new vacuum line that started sucking oil from the valve cover into the air filter in such a quantity that it entered the Idle Air Sensor which prevented the starting.


Hoo Boy....the mechanic found this as Might never have looked.

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