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Going Rate for Engine/Tranny

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What's the "going rate" for a rebuilt (1,000mile) HO Engine/Tranny?


Going to go look at this with a guy from my club that wants to use the lift/rims/tires and 4:1 for his XJ but isn't using the Engine/Tranny... He want's to know what I want to pay for the Engine/Tranny.


Hopefully will get to hear it run tomorrow. Here was the post.


1991 Jeep Cherokee long arm kit, Chromoly axles, Rebuilt motor and tranny

This is out of a 1991 Jeep Cherokee that I am parting out (rolled bad). 4.0L Rebuilt 1k miles agoe/ Auto Trans Rebuilt 1k miles ago/ 4.1 T-case, long arm kit, ss brake lines. skid plate, Chromoly axles front and rear, new drive shafts, Throttle body spacer. This Jeep Runs great and is complete so if you want to here it run you can. $xxxx with new rims and tires(they still have the nipples on them) 315/70/17 pro comp. will Part out for the right price just call me and let me know what you need.

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The seller is a reputable friend of a friend (he actually does all the really hard off-road recovery's at local State OHV park), so I believe that he is straight about 1K rebuild time. The rig wasn't his, but someone that owed him $$$.


How about a best and worst case....


Best Case - Rebuild done by reputable shop, with all paperwork and documentation, and looks/sounds/runs well = ?$

Worst Case - I hear it run, sounds good, no obvious damage but no documentation =?$

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