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Replacing the clutch line and bleeding the clutch???

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Alright guys, Ill start out by saying Manual Transmissions are a new thing to me, all my previous Jeeps are Autos. Anyway my 90 Eliminator equipt with an AX15 needs the clutch line replaced. The rubber has deteriorated away and was seeping fluid last night when i peeked. I can get 1 from work (advance) but if theres another good option out there let me know.


Is replacing this line a hard job, it looks like a threaded fitting on 1 end but i couldent see excatly where the other end was. Also is there a howto on bleeding the clutch after the line is swapped? I figured Id get this done before I'm out 1 day and it decides to go "pop"


Thanks for any help! :cheers:

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That is an internal slave correct?


If so, the line should be connected by the slave and master cylinders.


Once replaced, gravity bleed the clutch first (open the bleeder screw on the end of the line that comes out of the bell housing).


Then you bleed it much like brakes. Have someone pump and hold the clutch while you crack open the bleeder screw and repeat until all the air is removed. Keep an eye on the master fluid level since it is not a very large reservoir.


This is a VERY easy process. Sometimes with the internal slaves, you will have to repeat bleeding 2 or 3 times.


If it is external, let me know, their is a trick to it I can share.

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