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manual trans swap help

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so, ive got an internal slave ax15 from a 95 cherokee, along with the attached 231 t case. it will be replacing the peugot $#!&box and the attached 231 t case. problem is the 95 t case dosnt work, i can get another t case, or is it worth it/easy enough to swap the 95 input shaft into my perfect working 88 t case? also-clutch master/slaves---peugot has a brand new master cyl, can i just splice the line into the ax15 line and use it? ive heard of just using brake line fittings and it works fine, seems like the best solution. clutch--they use the same clutch so as long as my clutch is still good i can reuse it(peugot) and not have to change anything? other then the tcase linkage needing some tweeking(i may just make a custom setup) everything bolts in once i change the pilot bearing correct? I'm doing this swap on my dirt driveway in an unenclosed carport in the friggen winter so i want to make sure ive got everything figured out before i freeze my @$$ off!!

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Yes, you can splice the clutch lines. I just did it.


One suggestion....find a bellhousing for the AX15 that has an external slave. You will thank yourself in the long run.


YOU CAN change shafts on the t-case...fairly straight forward. You have to do this to install SYE's anyway. Best bet is to open the two cases and compare all the gearing and spline counts.... My concern on this though is that the 88 will be 21 and the 95 a 23....this will make them incompatible with the 95 tranny.


The better bet may be to find out what is wrong with the 95 and use parts from the 88 to fix it.

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I beleive the year they went external was '93.5 or '94, but as Geonovast said, it should be external already.


All you would need to do is swap the input shaft between the two then you can use your '88 t-case with no issues. I did this to my old '90 XJ. I got a trans and transfer case from a '94, and since my t-case had a SYE in it already, I just swapped input shafts. I got mine out of an early '94, so the NP242 input shafts will work too (up to '94.5 I think it was), all the NP231's will swap.

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