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Project El-Cheapo ( finished under $100 !)

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ok so i`m low on funds and need a vehicle to get me thru the winter, and then the other night I see an ad on Kijiji for an 88 MJ with lots of new parts and no price. i talk to the guy and he needs money for christmas, so hes selling it. I picked up an 88 mj swb 2.5 5 speed 2wd for $400 and drove it over an hour home !!! pics and future upgrades to follow lol

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first plans are a mild lift, 3 inches front and rear, 31`s on offset wheels, and PAINT lol. The box is still really solid, I need to make the bottom panels and weld them on, the sides have been fixed but i`m not worried about looks at this point. The floor was replaced and was actually done very nicely ! the frame and all brackets are in great shape for the year, and the 2.5 runs like a top !!

I`d like to keep it a 4cyl and convert it to a 4x4, going to see about a 4x4 standard tranny tomorrow for the 2.5 , the rest of the parts needed I already have !!

Not a bad score for $400 !!






lol this one shows the light switch which is needed to start the MJ :rotf:


pimpin sound system !!

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total cost to fix this buggy up, $90, including paint lol. couldn`t decide on what to paint it, so I went with a scheme that has worked well for me in the past lol...






here's my next project... figuring on ton axles, body lift, and maybe a diesel....


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