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How to remove door trim panel?

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Hey guys -- I'm tackling my first few Comanche repairs. I need to: (1) replace the side mirror, (2) figure out why the bolt for the driver's side window crank pushes in slightly toward the back of the vehicle, and (3) replace a speaker. I have zero auto repair experience, but I'm hoping these projects won't be too tough.


Anyway, step 1 for all of these repairs is to remove the door trim. I've successfully removed the arm rest and pulled the screws out of the door handle bezel. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to unlatch the rod links that connect to the door handle so that I can pull the handle and the bezel clear. I'm using a 1993 edition of the Haynes manual as my guide. In section 11-7 it just says "Remove the three door handle/bezel screw, detach the rod links, then remove the door handle."


How do I detach the rod links? I don't want to start prying and pulling for fear of breaking the links. Your help is much appreciated!





p.s. This is a 1986 Comanche X with manual door locks and manual windows.

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Pull the handle assy toward you so you can somewhat see the rod ends... The plastic clips will sort of swivel off... Push them off the side of the rod, and that will free up the rod to slide out of the hole.


Once you have those out, grab the window crank by the center, and give it a good pull, it'll pop off.


Then all you have to do it pull the door panel. Start at the bottom, pulling away from the door. It's held in by push tabs. Pull it away starting at the bottom, working up to the top. Once you get to the top, the panel is hung at the window... Pull the whole panel up towards the window, work it back and fourth a bit, and it should pop off.


Rob L.

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from my experience you don't have to remove the door handle to remove the door trim.

the door handle has some tab that's hold the bezel in place, once you pop the tabs from the bezel to the handle, you need to rotate the bezel to get it off the handle.

hope this picture helps, its from a xj with electric windows and locks, but the bezel is the same

Image Not Found

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