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'98 HO overheat/won't start... possible problems?

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My donor XJ ('98 4.0 AX-15/NP231) that i got for cheap 'cuase the PO said it needed a new engine, cranks but doesn't run. The story was that it overheated... needs rebuilding.


My question is, what is the most likely culprit? Warped/cracked head? Blown head gasket? something worse? I haven't drained fluids or taken anything apart on the engine because I bought it for the trans/t-case and all the other goodies for my MJ. Oil is full and looks clean, coolant overflow bottle is full and a bit dark in color with a rainbowy film on top of the coolant. Rad is low, ie: dry up at the cap/neck. If it's not that big of a fix I might do an HO swap with it down the road. I already stole the drivetrain so I couldn't start it if I wanted to.


Any ideas?

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