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wiring help

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hey just wondering if at all possible if someone with an 87 inline 6 happens or could take a picture of the wiring around the coil i just bought it, the guy before me says it cranks but doesn't get spark he has a lot of loose wires everywhere random relays i want to start there because all the wires coming out of the coil are melted 4 inches out of the coil if i had a picture of that i could string it up properly thanks a bunch


also just wondering if anyone would know what the random plug looking wire would be that is hanging out the bottom has lots of oil on it

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i beleive i figured out what what it is it screws into the block just above the oil pan and just below the exhaust manifold seems to be a common broken sensor on comanches


now my biggest issue is this guy took an attempt at making it an open system and for some reason just ripped out the heater valve and all that tubing ha


i love this cause i love the jeep just wish he wasnt so hasty

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