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95 to 99 aw4 and flex plate interchange

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I'm converting my '87 comanche with a '95 H.O. conversion to a '99 cherokee.


it's a 4.0/auto/np231


obviously I'll have to swap the...

throttle body sensors

intake sensors




temp sensor (and block off rear sensor hole)

wiring harness (which will require a few different holes cut in the firewall, and some blocked off)

heater box



the neutral safety switch will be swapped because of 2 reasons...different connector, and mine is bypassed as it is bad.


my question is this...


I have a '95 AW4 in the truck right now. there is nothing wrong with it. I don't want to pull it out, because it has fresh fluid in it. there's no reason to unless rumors are true and there is, in fact, an added sensor on the '97+ aw4.


I also don't want to swap the flexplate. for the same reasons. I THINK that the timing windows are the same (based off the fact that geonovast's brother has a '91 flywheel in his '99 xj).



my plan is to take a junk engine harness I have, cut the '95 aw4 connector out of it, and cut the connector off of a junk '97 aw4 I have here, splice them together to make a jumper, and put it in so I don't have any permanent hack job wiring.



any thoughts?

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