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plasma cutters...


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I have a miller spectrum 300 plasma cutter, and it has been a Godsend.



BUT. the thing is putting +24vac to the air solenoid at all times now. air solenoid could use a new seat, but they only sell the whole thing for $70.



the PC board is bad, which is why it's putting constant power to it...that's a $300 part.



my choices...wait, hopefully find another 300 for parts or cheap so this can be a parts one, or just drop $750 on a good lightly used spectrum 400 locally. I could probably get it closer to $650 from the guy. it's a better cutter that can cut thicker steel, too.



what would you do? I would rather fix this than buy a $400 chop saw and have it be much less useful. I use this for building bumpers, rock rails, even for cutting out designs for some lawn decorations and stuff for my mom.

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