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Scored Factory Tow Hooks...but

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My trip to LKQ self serve went pretty well. The highlight was scoring a set of factory tow hooks with bracketry. The front bumper was bent so it was quite a struggle to remove everything. I know for a fact that one of the brackets (bumper bracket & tow hook reinforcement are welded together) is bent. I should be able to straighten it out using my press and/or vise. Here's the question...what should the flange (where it bolts to the bumper) look like? Is there a template or set of dimensions out there I can use?

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pull your factory bumper off and loosen it's mounts.



grind the welds holding the tin bumper mounts to the tow hook brackets.


bolt everything up


tighten bumper

call it good.

^^^ This.


The factory sold an aftermarket kit that had all the hook brackets, minus the actual bumper bracket. Take 'em apart and you'll have the same thing. In fact, look at the photo of the tow hook kit for the XJ on the Custom 4x4 web site -- their kit is pretty much a clone of the factory add-on kit.


Here's what the bumper bracket itself (no tow hook bracketry) should look like:


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