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wheel opinions??

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You can fit 31x10.50-15s under a stock height MJ IF you run OEM Jeep rims. They allow the 31s to fit inside the fenders. All aftermarket rims have less backspacing, and on aftermarket rims 31s will be an interference fit with the flares and sheet metal.

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A stock height 2wd would be a bit tight with 31's, 30 might be as much as you should go with 2wd springs. If you swapped in 4wd springs, 31's should be fine. I'm running stock Jeep aluminum wheels off a ZJ limited, or Cherokee country. The stock backspacing will work best for you. If you want wider, then TJ canyons, or TJ rubicon rims might be good for you. JK rubicons will not work, so if you go that route, make sure the rims are 2006 and older. If you want non stock rims, well, I guess the sky is the limit, but if you arent lifting, Id stay close to stock! Good luck!

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