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leaky mj problems *with pic**

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1987 4.0 aw4 2wd


well my first problem is that i was trying to replace the tranny oil cooler lines, and ended up breaking off the tip of the cooler line into the female piece on the tranny(aw4)

can i remove the nut(female piece) from the tranny to remove the tip of the cooler line i broke?


Image Not Found






Image Not Found








second leak i have is from my rear diff, first thing i did was the cover gasket and new fluid, didnt change anything.... so now ive noticed that its coming from the area that the driveshaft is connected to, my question is, is that a seal that i can replace?


here's a picture:


Image Not Found

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Yes, to both questions. Be careful with the tranny fitting. You don't need another broken fitting. If it seems tight, then clean around the area good. Last thing you need is dirt in the trans. Soak with penetrating oil. let set. I've never had one that tight but then ya never know. Drop the rear driveshaft. There's a big nut holding the pinion input shaft. Getting that nut off is the hardest part.

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For the pinion nut and seal at the axle:


Chock wheels to prevent movement.

Unbolt the straps on the u-joint (4-8MM bolts)

Use a prybar to "pop" out the u-joint from the yoke.

Once thats free, just pull the driveshaft out of the trans (it will slide right off, put a pan under to catch any fluid)

Count the threads showing on the pinion (What the nut is screwed on to)

Use a socket, paired with an impact preferrably, and zip that nut off.

Hit the back of the yoke with a mallet of lightly with a hammer towards the front of the jeep to pull the yoke off.

Once the yoke is off, use a flat screwdriver to get under the seal around the pinion and pry out.

Clean all surfaces

Reinstall a new seal with gentle taps around the edge to seat it in

Slide the yoke back down onto the pinion

Tighten the nut down to the number of threads as it had when you took it off (! Important to not overtighten or leave too loose, axle damage could result !)

Re-install shaft.


Rob L. :D

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No, all the seal does is stop fluid from coming out of the diff. If you have a mad vibration from your driveshaft, either your driveshaft is out of balance, one or both of your U-joints are bad, your pinion angles aren't right, or your pinion bearing is bad too. Were there any metal shavings in the fluid when you changed it?

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