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header and ball joints

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well got my exhaust welded up but my mainfold has a hair crack in it. so i figured just go out and buy a header. however prices arent all the same and neither is quality. anybody know a good header thats not insanely high priced??? after i got that "fixed", while driving i got insane death wobble. i was going to get it alinged but the guy swore up and down that getting it alinged wouldnt help, so i didnt. ive always thought it was the bad ball joints and mentioned that and he said it may very well be. so where do i get GOOD new ball joints. i could just go to auto zone but idk how good all that stuff is they carry. any thoughts anyone? i know someone has had to of done it.


to sum it all up. A. where do i buy a low priced but good header? B. where can i get some good new ball joints?


thanks :cheers:

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I can only comment on "B", but just replacing ball joints may or may not help your situation. There are many components in the front end that when all added up could lead to DW, but usually one of the main things is the track bar mount, or the track bar bushings..... tie rod ends, ball joints, control arm bushings, caster angle, toe angles, steering stabilizer and WHEEL BALANCE are all contributing factors. Start off by getting a good wheel balance and have them check for out of round and or bent wheel tire combination. This can often set DW into motion with even all new parts. Ive seen many cases of new TJ wranglers come in with DW at under 15,000 miles on them, so start there, then lie underneath the front while someone else moves your steering back and forth to check and see for any unwanted movement, and if you see any... fix it. Control arm bushings will be harder to detect if bad, but it is rarer that they are the cause. Good luck, and let us know what you find!

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i went back through and checked everything. its all tight. I'm seriously thinking that clicking noise i have (posted a vid some time ago) is my track bar. everytime i turn it does it. so i tightened it down again, it slightly went away but it still there. and its a new track bar too. ill just have to go back through everything again to figure out the DW issue


also what about these headers?

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Jeep-Che ... ccessories


the same as on Motion off road but cheaper.

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Just to add on the DW.


It can also be the wheel hubs. If everything looks tight in the front end, lift up the front end one corner at a time and check. Shake the wheel left and right and up and down. If it moves, have a buddy shake it as you look behind it to see what's loose.


If it move left and right, it's something in the steering or the wheel hub.

If it moves up and down, it's either a ball joint or the wheel hub.


Headers come down to how much you want to spend, you get what you pay for. I haven't heard anything bad about Dynomax headers though.

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