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Automatic or ax-15 231J combo? Advice needed.

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Ok this is going to take some thought all of you.


First off the parts I do have are a '93 231J auto transfer case and a complete ax-15/231J with clutch flywheel and bell housing.


The only parts I would need to complete the 4wd swap is a new hard line for the internal slave to the clutch master cylinder. I already have the new front non disco axle in front installed and driveshafts set aside.


So I must say I would like to go Automatic because I don't like having a clutch in the truck. I would like an Automatic with cruise control.


I would like to have a donor truck with all the necessary parts, floor shift auto with cruise.


I can pick up a donor cherokee but the miles would be very high likely from the '88-'90 range. Or I can pick up a newer one and pick between my transfer case and the donor. The only problems I guess would be the electric speedo and throttle body from the non renix with the cruise.


I'm between a real rock and a hard place with this because the parts I have would be just a little labor to install.


What are your opinions and advice??


My parts plus the aformentioned '93 231J.



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Why do you not want the 5 speed?


Speedo is not a problem. Unscrew the electric sender on the trans. The housing that holds the speedo gear is the same for the electric and the cable. Once you remove the electric sender, your cable will screw right on.

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I don't want the automatic just for cruise and yes I know you don't have to downshift for stop lights, it was just for example. If I wanted a stick I would buy a fun sports car. I want this truck to be easy to drive and I haven't taught my girlfriend to drive a stick yet.


Does anyone want to trade the setup I have for a donor Automatic XJ?? I know it's a LOT more work to install the auto but in the end I don't want any excuses why I don't drive it much.

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