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Rear axle shaft seals

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I recently replaced the axle shafts in a Dana 35, and in that process I also replaced the bearings and seals. The instructions that came with the replacement axle shafts indicated that the double-lip seals were to be installed with the flat side of the seal (the non-cup side) facing outward.


Although I have installed most all seals in the past with the cup-side facing outwards, I dutifully followed the instructions and turned it to the inside. Yesterday when I rotating the tires on the jeep I noted the seals are pissing diff oil all over the brake drum and shoes.


I either installed them incorrectly or damaged them during install...I have not had time to check with one is the case....but my question for you guys is this: If you have replaced the seals, did you put them in with the flat side outwards or the cup side?





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I just did this last week on my manche and the outer seals were placed with the flat side facing outward. I didn't do that part myself, I had my local 4 wheel drive shop press the bearing off, replace the seal, and press a new bearing on, so they are the ones that made that call. I didn't pay much attention to how the manual said to do it but I will look when I get home.

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