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which dana44 front axle is mine?

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my front axle passenger side is leaking which my assumed is that wheel seal/axle shaft seal is worn out.


but before the way I'm sure its d44 but not sure which d44 is it before buy the seal for it...


here pictures of my front d44



is it hpd44?



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78/79 were the first years of the big bronco and the axle is shared with the same years of F-150. a handful of earlier years of F-150 had a near identical design. starting in 1980 the suspension design and that axle went bye-bye in the half-tons.

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hm alright thanks, i got splinde nuts out and now I'm struggle to get those odd caliper kind to remove since its only one bolt that caplier and there no other bolts to remove to release the caliper???? :nuts: :hmm:


its my first time unable to remove a caliper since in 7 years. is there anyone have a pic to show me how to remove it?

:hmm: :hmm:


there no guild bolt, caliper bolts, etc. just one bolt on bottom of caliper? :hmm:

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back the single bolt out.


there is a metal "shim" between the caliper and the mount. Use a hammer and a punch to drive the shim out.


once the shim is out you can remove the caliper.


clean the pieces with a wire wheel/brush before re-assemby. grease the shim with anti-seize or something to make next time easier.

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