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Veering to the right...

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Hey guys,

when I drove my mj, it wanted to veer to the right all the time. I'm not sure what it would be... Also, my steering wheel column is loose. Any fixes on that? I know there is a website on it but can't find it.




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To fix that loose steering wheel check this: http://www.bc4x4.com/tech/2009/jeep-steering/


If it veers to one side or the other when it feels like it, you probally have loose or worn out parts. Get a helper and lay under the truck and have the helper turn the steering back and forth (with truck running for PS) while you place your hand and eyeball on each joint and look/feel for any sloppy joints, etc.

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It is stock, it was sitting for awhile, so I might just do a maintenance check on it. Might bring it by work and see what they have to say..


It also has a huge oil leak under the engine bay... I know it would help out a lot with pics, but the MJ is sitting in my Grandparents yard in Alabama.. I hope the oil leak is just a bad head gasket.

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