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Windshield leak?

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I've been trying to track a water leak on the driverside of the ol' manche. Have replaced the door seals, cowl seal, sealed all possible cracks in the engine bay. After the little bit of rain in the east last night, found an inch of water on driverside floor. Anybody ever have to replace the windshield seal to stop a leak? The windshield still has the metal trim, is there a way to remove the trim without damaging it to check the seal? Anybody ever have a leak coming from the winshield wiper motor compartment, and how do you even see in there to find out. Thanks for the help. Josh

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Our truck have leaking problems, usually coming from the windshield unsealed. :roll:


You could remove the metal trim without damaging the seal.


The metal trim holded wit plastic clip, just lift them gently.


My suggestion is to ask a professional to seal it.

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Although you would have to remove the carpet. Like when you are "checking the floor pans before it is too late"


Try the baby powder trick, sprinkle some around, wet the outside of the truck with a hose. Then look inside for trails through the




Myself, I'd definitely search hard and find the leak, before I paid someone to fix something I'm not sure of.


Let us know what you find, what your fix was/is.

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