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Ballast Ressistor

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Sorry, I was assuming the fan blower motor resistor.... Read it wrong I guess. Same goes for the ballast resistor though, if the fuel pump is pulling too many amps it could cause the resistor to burn out.... might need a fuel pump. Yould could just jump the resistor altogether, but this won't solve your problem, as eventually the fuel pump may stop working altogether, or the wires will get hot enough to catch on fire. Just though too, a high resistance could also be cause by a ground issue, check the fuel pump ground behind the tailligh too, and make sure its clean and good.

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Air conditioner pump running without being turned on.Start's runs a little bit then dies.New fuel pump,new regulator,new filter,checked the ground behind the tail light.Runs a little better with the AC unplgged.Try to drive and the resistor gets hot and truck dies????????

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