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Need A/C advice - compressor issue

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My shop told me my compressor is the source of my leak (it was recharged with dye a little over a week ago - that lasted all of 4 commutes to work and back). I was told if I can locate a compressor seal kit, I can do it myself and then this shop will recharge the system (they don't want to rebuild(?)/re-seal the compressor).


Has anyone ever done that with a factory compressor? I'm tempted to give them the go ahead on a reman compressor and be done with it.


Oddly enough, this shop is partnered with NAPA, but they are suggesting I authorize them to get a Autozone compressor instead (~$100 less). They said they are having difficulty getting NAPA to stand behind their warranty on covering labor when there's a failure during the 12 month warranty period.


Any advice is appreciated.

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Having just recently had to replace the entire AC system on my MJ, I would speak a word of caution on diy ac repair reseal anything. The orifices inside the system are terribly small, and any bit of debris that might fall off of your hands and into the system can make the whole thing go all to hades.

Don't get me wrong, I am the number one advocate for repairing your own vehicle, but the ac system is something I prefer to leave to someone else, mainly because if they screw it up, they have to re-fix for free.


With that having been said, I'm rooting for you, if you decide to do the reseal yourself, just research it well. It is definitely with in the realm of the do it yourself-er ability. I just wanted to remind that murphy and his law is always around the corner. If your compressor had no need to be replaced, I wouldn't, if you still feel a bit uncomfortable with the reseal, just check around for the little ac repair shops, they will surely reseal it for you. Here in east TN I just got my entire AC system replaced by a guy for 250 bucks plus parts that warranties everything. Granted I had to purchase compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and all new hoses. (all stuff was purchased from AZ so I second the AZ testimony for reasonable prices.) Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the reply. Yesterday the shop told me the AZ part had a 12 month warranty like the NAPA part, but I saw only 3 month warranties on AZ's website. They checked again this morning, and they said I was right. I had wondered if AZ was giving a repair shop a longer warranty, but apparently the first sales guy gave my shop bad info. There's no way I am putting a 3 month warranty compressor on just in time for winter!


I bought the truck in Sept-07, and part of the negotiations was dropping $200 off the price since the air was blowing partly cold. I never had it checked until a little over a week ago. It was nice having it for a week, but it's not a priority. Though driving it with my windows up was really nice!


I'll check around and see if I can find a shop that rebuilds compressors and line up the work for the spring. I may consider getting one of those units from Jeepair.com.

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The autozone warrenty is for 3 months if you only replace the compressor, and 12 months if you replace the expansion bolck and the accumulator/drier at the same time (they all have to purchased on the same ticket).


I went with the compressor from them, and have had no problems yet.

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