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Clutch Problems

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May I prevail upon the learned MJ minds of the forum as to their opinions on a

problem that has just arisen with my MJ? I have an '87, 4.0, 5 speed. Upon

getting ready to leave the woods after an evening of bowhunting, I found

that my clutch wouldn't engage. No pedal whatsoever. Upon checking the

clutch master cylinder, it was found to be devoid of fluid. After getting it home,

I refilled the master with fluid, and after a few pumps of the pedal, it was

functioning properly again, but it didn't "feel" quite right. I decided that the line

needed to be bled. Now, after being bled, I can get no pedal at all again. I have

bled the lines 3 or 4 times, and nothing I do will get the clutch functioning again.

I can start the engine, pump the pedal like a madman 8 or ten times and get it

to go into gear and hold, but as soon as the pedal is released, I have no clutch

again. Does this sound more like the master needs to be rebuilt, or the slave

cylinder gone bad? Master cylinder is no problem, but if I have to pull the

transmission, it will not return. I have an AW4 with an NP242 waiting in the weeds.

Your opinions greatly appreciated!



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The hydraulic clutch is a recurrent problem on our truck. :eek:


- Slave

- Master

- Hoses


If the slave is failling, you will find some drip on the bell.


For the master, look under the dash, if you find some drip around the caoutchouc boose. If dripping on the fuse box, take action to replace the master ASAP. Electrical circuit melt with brake oil.

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I have dealt with the non-bleeding problem several times now. Most often it is caused by the arm for the clutch pedal being bent slightly out of alignment with the clutch master cyl. I modded a reservoir lid with a tire stem (screw in kind) and use a bicycle pump to bleed. That partially pressurizes the system and the pedal returns to normal. I've seen several Jeeps now with the same problem where they replaced the master and slave and still had no clutch happening. Replace the clutch pedal arm or straighten it out and voila! it works again!


PS: If the slave is gone, fluid will keep disappearing and dripping down under. Lack of pressure is bad master, air getting in somewhere (when the clutch pedal arm is bent it's pulled in from under the dash) or the master isn't making pressure (bypassing internally)


When my integral slave went out, I used corn oil in place of brake fluid and got another year's use before it failed completely.

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