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ax15 and t case

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i think i messed up lol question was .......can i just bolt on a newer ax15 and the t-case that comes with the ax15 instead of using my old t-case...i don't wanna pay the extra however much to change the input shaft


i just wanna get a ax-15/t-case and hope to bolt those to my motor eliminating my old tranny and t-case alltogether

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the answer is yes

go and get them both from the same vehicle, and bolt them up.

The only snage you may run into is the external/internal slave issue.

Early models are internal slave, later models are external.

If you get an external slave trans you have two options.

Get the bellhousing with it and everythig in there. You'll need the slave cylinder, the clutch fork and the bearings and such.

Then you can switch to the external slave model, it's much easier to service.

Or, you can get the trans, and use your current bellhouing, this should require nothing more than unbolting the bellhousing from yours and bolting it to the new one.

You might want to verify that the pilot bearing is the same. I rmember some debate as to that.

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