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Should i get these wheels?!?

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OK, long story short a friend of mine wants to trade me a set of wheels for a gun of mine. i love the wheels, but I'm not sure if i can afford to put tires on them. the wheels would require like 31 15.50 15's tires. the wheels are pretty nice. they have a couple different lug patterns on them and one fits the jeep. they are made to stick out away from the hubs, the lugs go way back in the wheels and the wheels should come out past the fenders. i think they will look good but i don't know about the tires. any input??

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thats exactly what i thought. i want some that stick out past the fender flares (like yours pete) but i can't stand the rediculous tire size, price, or gas mileage. i think ill pass these up. what tires do you suggest for stock jeep 15's? and how would you reccomend making them stick out past the flares?

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mine stick out that far because of the extra wide axles I used. but my rims have 4" of backspacing so they still pivot pretty much on their center. if you tried to replicate the look but using the Jeep axles, the tires would then pivot on the inside edge and the outside edge of the tire would sweep around in a wide arc, smacking your fenders up pretty bad.


just about any aftermarket 15x8 rim will make the tires stick out a bit more than they are now. Problem is that the tires will then rub on the flares. not as bad as the rims you were contemplating, but rub none the less.


30x9.5s or some 31x10.5s will fit with the stock rims on a stock Jeep. 31s will rub a bit on the control arm. WJ lower control arms will fix this. (they have a bend in them)


if it's just the rear that bugs you, a pair of quality hub-centric wheel spacers (like the spidertrax) will help the rear tires poke out to match the front.

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