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A good deal?

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That external bellhousing/bearing retainer/fork alone could be worth $50... also, that looks like it may have the T-case still on it. Unless he's selling just the gearbox, it's definitely worth it, if he's only letting the box go, it could still be worth it depending on why reverse won't work.

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Yeah why wouldn't reverse work. Nearest I've heard is it could be caused by a bent fork caused by "jamming" into reverse.

My friend has an AX, same problem, no reverse. Hopefully in the next week or so were going to put it on the bench see if we can take it apart and fix it. We got the tools, manual and a shop. We shall see.

As stated the bell housing and front retainer is worth the $75, heck the parts to make an external conversion would cost more than that. If you don't want to fix the tranny, offer $50, make $50. Win Win.

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