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Scored! - adjustable coil spring spacers

64 Cheyenne

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Got these from a CC board member today.






65$ delivered for all.


Anybody ever seen adjusters like these before?

I tried to compare them against ACOS, ACOS look like NASA stuff compared to these.

These are 100% steel, will definitely do the job.

When rollovercomancheguy told me 65$ delivered, my heart almost skipped a beat, I thought there is no

way this was going to happen. When I got a box in the mail today (3 days after I paid him) I felt like jumping for joy!

I finally got the next best thing to ACOS.



Now next thing, has anybody ever seen these before?

Who or where were these made?

Are these possibly from overseas?


For discos I was going to make my own, probably still will.

But for now I just have to decide what MJ I'll put this stuff on.

For now, into parts bin they go.


I got the throttle body because, I needed a new TPS for the 88Chief......

Hopefully cure the intermittent runaway RPMs at start up.

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Did some research on them, and I believe they might be Rusty's (or 1source) adjustable coil spacers.


As for the runaway rpms on startup, mine was doing that caused by excess fuel in the cylinders. Turns out I had some leaky injectors and eventually it got so bad the truck was hard to start after it had been shut off more than 20 seconds but less than 6 hours (but it fired up easier than ever after sitting overnight). Set of rebuilt Bosch injectors from precision fixed it, and smoothed out my idle to that of a new vehicle.

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I went down to Tonys house a few days ago to get the Motor and stuff. The more I look at it I do not think it was rebuilt but it has everything on it even some new stuff.

He did sell me all the rusty`s lift parts that are basicly new and threw in a set of tails, front shaft, starter,cluster. The lift parts are 4.5 inch way to much for me so they will be sold I am keeping the AAL and rear spring sets I think, they have greasable shackles also on them. He had some money in this stuff that`s for sure he took a huge loss. Also he still had the tarp and rails the rails were really beat up from the roll over but I got it fixed up and looks great it was black not grey. The tarp and tails were almost worth what I paid for it all.

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